McConnell Chase offers an outstanding feature set, superb IT systems integration to ERP databases, and excellent adaptability.

Intelligent Enterprise Forecasting and Planning Software Solutions Since 1987

Located in the North Shore of the Chicago area, McConnell Chase Software Works, LLC, has supplied enterprise software solutions to medium to large manufacturing and distribution businesses for over 30 years in the areas of Forecasting & Demand Planning, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and Inventory Optimization and Replenishment Plannning for Service Parts and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP).

McConnell Chase is currently introducing FD7, the seventh version of its powerful, successful, and well-supported, comprehensive forecasting and planning enterprise software product.

McConnell Chase software solutions have provided a premium feature set, supported best practices, and yielded excellent results from its first version, FD1, onward. FD1, based on prevailing literature and case studies on best practices in forecasting, replenishment planning, and inventory management for manufacturing and distribution enterprises, and reviewed favorably by authorities in the field, in its very first sale and implementation, it met with the immediate success of replacing the most expensive product then on the market for a sophisticated customer moving from one hardware platform to another.  FD1 performed as well as the product it replaced and more business soon followed for McConnell Chase.  For over 30 years now, FD software solutions have grown, and have significantly and consistently improved forecast accuracy, reduced inventory cost, improved customer service, supported balancing supply and demand, and supported pro-active management decision-making. McConnell Chase's most powerful offering, FD7, supports an ambitious vision of where forecasting and planning can go and what it can achieve.

Joseph K. McConnell, President

Joseph K. McConnell, Founder, President and Chief Architect, leads McConnell Chase on the basis of 30 years of successful experience with every aspect of the enterprise forecasting and planning software business: idea conception, design, programming, applied mathematics, analytics and statistics, marketing, sales, consulting, implementation, customer support, conversion to new IT platforms, education, and training.  His experience spans dealing with companies in a wide range of industries, company sizes, markets, and IT platforms.  A highlight of that experience: working with a large customer’s project personnel, Mr. McConnell, in roughly eight months total working time, fully implemented a world-class demand planning solution for a $4.5 billion enterprise across 5 different divisions which between them operated 4 different ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, MAPICS, Custom); each division having a integrated, multi-user process.

Mr. McConnell has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. He graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a BS in Mathematics and Philosophy at the age of 19. His has been a member of the Practitioner Advisory Board of Foresight, The Intenational Journal of Applied Forecasting, since 2004.