FD inventory planning functionality provides for maintaining the right inventory at the right place at the right time to achieve customer service goals at minimum cost.  The solution can be implemented for finished goods or service parts.  

Having the right finished-goods or service parts inventory in the right place at the right time means more sales, higher fill rates, higher customer satisfaction, achieving customer service goals at minimum inventory cost, fewer stock-outs, fewer backorders, less excess inventory, smoother flow of goods, and fewer surprises. 

Safety Stock Setting / Inventory Optimization

Safety stock setting is a key calculation in inventory planning.  We offer a range of calculation formulas for both safety stock and order quantity. Accuracy is the key driver for reducing safety stock and average inventory. Inventory optimization means calculating just the right inventory levels to satisfy customer service requirements and no more, so that customer service goals are met at minimum inventory cost.

FD Inventory Planning evaluates and charts ranges of safety stocks and inventory levels driven by customer service levels against inventory cost.  FD also provides for measuring the overall financial impact of improving accuracy and reducing lead time.

Replenishment Planning

Replenishment planning is time-phased requirements planning based on inventory, safety stock, lots sizing parameters such as order minimum and multiple, currently open replenishment orders, lead time, forecast, and user decisions. McConnell Chase replenishment planning runs mainly by exception, highlighting cases where inventory is either too low or too high, and at what time horizon: now, inside lead time, and just outside lead time where orders need to be released.

DRP / Supply Chain Planning

FD provides for defining and maintaining an entire inventory distribution system of source plants, vendors and tollers as well as primary, secondary, etc., distribution centers. FD in DRP / Supply Chain mode places DRP demand onto RDCs and supply points.

Service Parts Planning

FD provides a complete and highly efficient solution for service parts planning. A McConnell Chase service part planning solution is capable of handling multi-echelon service parts logic. Our solution is fully capable to scale to handle service parts supply chains of seven figure magnitudes.

Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI is a natural application for McConnell Chase Inventory Planning, where the system is set up using inventory levels and other normal planning data from customer or consignment locations.

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